Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry is responsible for the administration of Government’s business with foreign countries and their governments as well as international organizations.

It also endeavors to initiate and continue to provide high quality and professional policy advice to Government on the management of Samoa’s foreign and trade relations.

The Ministry is committed to promoting Samoa’s national interests to achieve most benefits in relation to political, trade and economic and security objectives.



Call for  Applications: 2016 New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, New Zealand

Deadline: 23rd May 2016

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Find out about scholarship opportunities, eligibility criteria and application process.



Contact details of missions, consuls and international organizations in Samoa and overseas.



Visa requirements for Samoan passport holders/ Samoa Immigration



Discover and get in touch with exporters in Samoa. Here are some of the Ministry’s active exporting contacts and their details.

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Time zone

  • UTC-GMT Offset:
  • Samoa is GMT/UTC +13h during Standard Time
  • Samoa is GMT/UTC + 14h during Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Start Date: Sunday 27th September 2015 at 3:00am local standard time

Daylight Saving End Date: Sunday 05th April 2015 at 4.00am local daylight time.


Tropical with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.



240 volts/AC 50 cycles, but can be converted to 110 volts in most hotels. Three-pronged plugs are widely used in Samoa


ANZ, Westpac, National Bank of Samoa and Samoa Commercial Bank operate all types of banking business in Samoa from 9am-3.30pm on Monday through Wednesday; 9am to 4.30pm for Thursday and Friday; and 9am to 12noon on Saturday. ANZ and Westpac operate Automated Transfer Machines (ATMs) and accept international bank cards. Major credit cards such as American Express and Visa credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and some shopping facilities