Political International Relations Protocol

Political, International Relations and Protocol Division

The Political, International Relations and Protocol Division (PIRPD) is responsible for providing research and support to the Chief Executive Officer and the Ministry. In addition, we are responsible for making recommendations and providing quality advice to the Minister and the Government on the management of Samoa’s diplomatic relations to achieve national strategic objectives as outlined in the 2012-2016 Strategy for the Development of Samoa.

A. Establishment and Management of Diplomatic Relations

Samoa has established diplomatic relations with 87 countries including key bilateral partners. Samoa bases the establishment of formal diplomatic relations with other countries in accordance with the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Act, as well on the bases of principles of mutual respect and territorial sovereignty.

We work towards the cultivation and management of friendly relations with foreign governments, regional and international organizations to foster confidence in Samoa’s credibility as a trustworthy jurisdiction with which development partners would feel confident to deal with.

B. Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions, Convention and Treaty Obligations

Our division continues to contribute to conferences of states parties to the various treaties and conventions Samoa is a party to and liaised closely with the relevant government ministries in ensuring Samoa meets its obligations with regards to reporting and implementing the several UN resolutions, conventions and treaties Samoa is a party to.

Samoa has recently become parties to the following conventions:

  1. Niue Treaty Subsidiary Agreement
  2. Arms Trade Treaty
  3. Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  4. Doha Amendment of the Kyoto Protocol
  5. SIDS DOCK Statute

C. Arrangements of Programmes for Visiting VIPs and Diplomats

Our division is tasked with organizing and executing with a high level of efficiency and diplomacy, arrangements of programmes and logistics for visiting VIPs and diplomats, factoring in any unforeseen situations or circumstances.

For 2014/2015, our division has overseen 128 VIPs and diplomats visits. Of special mention are the Third International Conference of Small Islands Developing States and Forum Fisheries and Tuna Commission Meetings hosted by Samoa.

Our division deals with issues related to Samoa’s participation internationally to project Samoa’s views and interests. We work closely with line Ministries in order to achieve national objectives, especially in areas where there are existing obligations to international or regional treaties, conventions, and memorandums of understanding. We also examine and provide recommendations to government regarding regional and/or international arrangements that have proven benefit to Samoa

Our team strives for excellence. We endeavour to constantly lift the standard in all aspects of our work believing that at the heart of any foreign service are people. For us, working towards improving the quality of life for all is not just a vision but a non-negotiable reality.

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