Scholarships, Training and Bilaterals


The Scholarships, Training and Bilaterals Division (STBD) is responsible for strengthening relations with traditional key development partners as well as promoting new, mutually beneficial partnerships, with states or regional/multilateral organizations, that are in line with national priorities. In addition, we are responsible for the administration and development of policies for the various scholarship schemes and short term training opportunities funded by Government or our development partners. We also work closely with our development partners, our overseas offices and local stakeholders to ensure that our nationals abroad receive the crucial support to succeed in their programme, and return to Samoa not just as a graduate of a scholarship or training award but as an inspired, skilled and knowledgeable national keen to make a meaningful contribution to developing our country.


The Staff Training and Scholarships Committee (STSC) is a sub-committee of Cabinet that is mandated to decide on policy matters relating to scholarship opportunities, student welfare, bond issues, supporting priority sectors for capacity building and the utilization of funds from the Samoa Scholarship Scheme (SSS). It is also responsible for approving and monitoring the movement of nationals attending overseas meetings or trainings.

The Committee is chaired by the Honourable Prime Minister . The STB Division is the Secretariat for the STSC.

Overseas Scholarships

Annual Scholarship Awards for study abroad managed by MFAT in partnership with development partners or institutions.

General Eligibility Criteria

Check if you are eligible to apply for a Scholarship Award to study abroad.

In-Country Scholarships

Annual local Scholarship Awards funded by SSS.


Other Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities available to nationals.

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