The Trade Division, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is responsible for the formulation and development of appropriate policies and strategies, in consultation with national stakeholders, on trade policy and promotion. A key task of the division is to ensure that Samoa’s obligations in, bilateral, regional and international trading arrangements are effectively implemented to ensure benefits from membership to such agreements are realised. Samoa’s engagement in both multilateral and regional trading arrangements is motivated from the national development strategy (SDS) and Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector Plan which focuses primarily on improving the livelihoods of its people, and seizing opportunities for growth.

Samoa is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and is party to the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA). Other trade arrangements that Samoa is currently negotiating include the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus, as well as, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Samoa is also pursuing a bilateral arrangement with American Samoa.

The Trade Division serves as the secretariat for the National Working Committee on Trade Arrangements (NWCTA) and also houses a WTO Reference Centre.

Trade Agreements

Samoa is a party to/currently negotiating the following Trade Agreements – SPARTECA, PICTA, WTO, ACP, EU, EPA, PACER

Market Access

MFAT’s Trade Division performs regular research and produces Market Access information to facilitate Samoan exports to overseas markets.

Exporter's Database

Discover and get in touch with exporters in Samoa. Here are some of the Ministry’s active exporting contacts and their details.

WTO Reference Centre

Enabling government officials, private sector and academic institutions, and the general public to access and utilize trade-related, information-technology resources made available by the WTO.

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